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Involving 2 classes,  2 teachers and guest
This blog was a project of 2 teachers (my colleague Ramona and I) to be worked with our 2 intensive English course classes . Both classes had similar language knowledge levels (Pre-advanced and advanced levels). Purpose: motivate students for writing activities giving it a fresher and more dynamic perspective about English tasks. We started by creating a naval-looking blog and naming it according to that context. We linked the blog to some English sites that seemed interesting and also to EFL sites – to show the students the potential of the internet where learning is concerned. We also wanted to introduce the students to the www
The students worked on the blog one time a week.
1st task was to  make introductions. Voices were recorded and uploaded to the site. This was the first virtual meeting between the 2 classes.
Click on the name to play a intro example.
The other class – my class
The tasks were always uploaded to the blog…
On the 2nd week we decided to write a collaborative story through a chat room. Each class would write a sentence and then send it to the other class and so on…they were quite excited about it, but it took them a lot of time to type…the teachers saved the script and copy pasted to the blog afterwads 
By that time we felt that we need something more appealing – we inserted a tag board to the blog where the students could freely communicate – it was a success – it brought students to the blog. Sometimes they still go there and leave messages
We had feedback from some of our webheads friends. On that week the students also visited Jane’s students’ blogs and took aprt in other activities. My colleague's student’s answered Jane’s student’s surveys while mine recorde voice messages (questions) to Sharon in Boston. She then sent written answers and they were thrilled!!
We had a party where we joined the two classes and did a photostory out of it!