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Dear Level 4 Class,


My family and I live in Canada and we are thinking about moving to Europe in 2007. Portugal is definitely one of the countries in our list and Lisbon is the city where we would like to live in. However, we would like to visit the city before making a final decision. We are spending two weeks in Lisbon this summer and would like you to help us get a more realistic, closer insight of the city as well as the Portuguese history, traditions, and habits so that we could see if we could fit in.   


We are a family of four. My husband is a writer and is therefore very interested in knowing more about the Portuguese people. In his free time, he loves going near the ocean and going for long walks. He also loves cooking. I am a nurse and in my free time I love bicycling and visiting museums, art galleries, etc. On the weekends, I like going out in the evenings for a good meal or just to have fun with some friends.


We have a 5-year-old son who loves animals and who aspires to be a vet someday. He has a dog, a canary and a golden fish, and they too are moving to Portugal!  Our daughter is 13 and loves music. She is currently taking violin lessons.


I am looking forward to hearing from you.

All the help you can provide us with will be appreciated.


Your Sincerely,