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  • Familiarize the students with maritime topics and motivate them to English language learning

Students  involved/Proficiency level


  • Two English classes (one of them is a guest class)
  •  Pre-advanced levels 
Organizing the tasks

This is a two-fold activity :

  1. Reception by the class hosting the event. Communication is done in English.The cultural activity starts with the accomplishment of the online Treasure Hunt entitled “Portuguese Navigators”, which will focus on Vasco da Gama, Alvares Cabral e Corte Real,

    that 3 Portuguese Navy frigates were named after;


  2. In the next  sessions the classes will be performing a written task according to the teachers’ guide lines. The teachers will ask the students to imagine they are on one of the above mentioned ships and these will be asked to report their class mates about their daily routine while at sea. Everyone will be assigned to one of the ships and the communication will be done through email. (the teachers will create email accounts for the students. The teachers will also join the task, assuming the role of the Commandant of the Naval task force, which means they will have access to all the information that is sent from one ship to the other.)  


Treasure Hunt:

  1. Requires research online. The purpose is to develop knowledge and techniques on how to gather information using the Internet.

e-mail exchange:

  1. To develop writing skills, creativity and also general language skills.

Main purpose of the project

  • Motivate the students and enhance learning.

  • Make students aware of the potential of ICT and Internet worlds




  • The evaluation will be formative and will be done according to the tasks and work performed by the students.  

  • The teachers will also be evaluated by the students as a form  feedback about the activity.


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