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TEsol 2006 Internet fair

Cristina Costa

March 15-18. 2006

Using Educational Blogs to Motivate Writing

The Edublog as an extra component added to the course to enhance learning and motivate writing


Blogging in the classroom - an experiment (2005)

After having taken part in BaW05 and having studied blogs in my Masters' program, I decided to start a class blog with one of my intensive English Classes. What followed was a collaborative blog between two classes and two teachers.


  • Grant more dynamism to classes;

  • Present students with a different (educational) perspective of the web and e-tools; 

  •  Give students a sense of purpose – writing for a “real” audience”;

  • Diversify approaches to writing tasks;

  • Motivate language learning and especially writing.

The English Quill

Starting with small experiences. This was a lower-intermediate English class, and students were progressively involved in tasks.  >>

From Stem to Stern

A collaborative blog supported by tow different classes (24 students) and two teachers. >>



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