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TEsol 2006 Internet fair

Cristina Costa

March 15-18. 2006

Using Educational Blogs to Motivate Writing

The Edublog as an extra component added to the course to enhance learning and motivate writing

The English Quill



Process (strategies & activities):

The blog was introduced to the students in class. Its main features as well as the purpose of having one in class were presented to the students. The students were also told that they would be assigned a blog task per week.

1st Task

Students wrote self introductory messages and recorded them to upload onto the blog.


2nd Task

Students were asked to visit another English class's blog and leave messages.


3rd Task

Students were asked to volunteer to write and send out avatar messages to an English/Portuguese/Chinese/Tagalog community that was running at the time at BaW05 (The avatars are no longer available as we used a shareware version).


4th & 5th Tasks

Students were introduced to a Hungarian English class. E-mails were exchanged and also information about the two countries and their traditions.


Other information:



Only freeware tools were used.

Blogger provider used:


Audio recorders and editors:


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