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Arms and the renowned heroes
Who from the western Lusitanian shore
On seas never before navigated
Passing even beyond Taprobane,
In dangers, and forced wars,
More, of what promised the human force,
And among remote people, raised

A new kingdom that so exalted

Luís Vaz de Camões




Portugal has a long maritime tradition. Back in the 15th century this nation was conquering the world and bringing it closer together. Thanks to its brave navigators people then had the chance to be acquainted with "new world" and develop new ideas.

Portuguese people are very proud of their ancestor's deeds and, therefore, of their historical maritime background as it shows their sense of adventure and courage.

In order to keep the Portuguese sailing spirit alive we invite you to embark on a virtual adventure that will transport you to the New World of Information (www!). Here is your change to get yo know a liitle bit more about the people who name some the newest Portuguese Frigates of our Navy.

Your task consists of gathering information to answer the following questions. You will be provided with some site links (click on the pictures) to make your journey easier. However, you can always make your own quest more challenging by charting your own course.




Lets see if you also have a Sailor's Spirit!... 



These are the questions you are going to do research about in order to find the anser. At the bottom of this page you find a link to download the worksheet. 

  1. When and where was Vasco da Gama born?
  1. How many vessels were in the fleet that sailed to India? What were their names?
  1. Pedro Álvares Cabral was a Portuguese explorer. What is he best known for?
  1. How important was his discovery to the Portuguese realm?


  1. Who was Corte Real?

  1. How did he contribute to the Portuguese maritime history?  


Big Question:

From the three navigators you have just studied about, who do you think made a better contribution to the world and to the Portuguese reign with his deeds? Why? 

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