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Kazuo Ishiguron is the writer of the short story you are reading. But what do you really know about him?  And especially about his country, culture, traditions or customs? Most times we read books but donít even really think about the people who write them. We usually only focus on the book and on the story that is presented there. Havenít you ever felt curious about knowing more about a bookís author, his/her work, his/her country, etc.?  Most times knowing about the author also help understanding his/her writings. 

Letís pursue a quest on Japan and gather relevant information, shall we?






As we are collaborating with a group of students from Japan, it would be great if you could also study a little bit about their country and culture and in the end present us with a small presentation about this project, so that we will be all more knowledgeable about this Asian country.









Step 1

Form groups of 3 students and decide on the topic you want to study about. Each group will be assigned one role. One group will be the history experts, another one the Samurai experts, another one the Culture and Tradition experts, another one the Geisha experts and the other the Kimono experts.

After deciding about the topic, the group should report their choice to the teacher



Step 2

As a group go through the resource links provided below and brainstorm about some ideas you might get about your role in the task and discuss them with the rest of the group.



Step 3

As a group collect information and transform what you gathered during your quest into a webpage, a wiki, a ppt presentation or a blog. After deciding about your presentation format, the group should report it to the teacher.



Step 4

The experts will additionally have to put together a small photostory about their topic, which should include pictures and sentences illustrating it.


During this process you are welcomed to interact with the Japanese group of students and ask them for feedback and cooperation to fulfil your task successfully.  



Step 5

All the compiled information will be used and formatted to create your final presentation, which will be delivered to class. The link of the presentations will then be sent to the Japanese group of students within an email written by the members of the groups 





Japanese History Experts






Japanese Armed Forces Experts









Japanese Culture and Tradition Experts











Geisha Experts






Kimono experts.















Your grade will based on the following criteria:



Grading Criteria



1 point



2 points


Accomplished 3 points



4 points

Steps 2 & 3


Gather information about the topic and write small texts about it

Basic description of the item assigned. No additional, personalized information about the topic.

Lack of creativity.

Enough description about the topic to provide a general insight about it. Poor additional, personalized information about the topic.

Shows low standards of  creativity.

Good description about the topic, providing a good insight about it. Some additional, personalized information about the topic.

Shows good standards of



 Detailed description about the topic, providing a good insight about it. Examples, tips and personalized information are also provided.

Shows high standards of creativity

Step 4


Create a photostory about the topic assigned

Basic choice of images reated to the topic.

Sentences add no or little meaning to the images.

Photostory lacks rythm and creativity

Good choice of images

Sentences add meaning to the images.

Photostory shows low standards of creativity.

Great choice of images.

Sentences add significant meaning to the images.

Photostory shows good standards of creativity.

Great choice of images.

Sentences add significant menaning to the images.

Photostory is applealing and shows high standards of  creativity

Step 5

Compile all the worked information into a wiki, ppt, blog or a webpage.

The students didn't aplly themselves to perform the tasks.

The tasks resulted in a basic presentation, with poor information.

It didn't provide a good insight of the city

The students apllied themselves to perform the tasks only to a certain extent.

The tasks resulted in a nice presentaion.

It provided a resonable insight of the city.

The students apllied themselves enthusiatically to perform the tasks.

The tasks resulted in an appealing presebtation, with a fairly good insight about the city

The students apllied themselves enthusiatically to perform the tasks.

The tasks resulted in a very appealing presentation, with a lot of useful information and a good insight about the city







You have done a wonderful job by researching about Japan: Thank you all for transporting us through this enigmatic country. I hope you have also learned a lot from this e-Japanese experience. Knowing about other cultures and studying about foreign countries can be very enriching.

And now that you have deepen your knowledge about Japan, are you willing to visit it?

How important is it to have some previous knowledge about places you have never been before and intend to visit or move into? Will that have some impact on the people while there? Will they grow more sensitive and understanding of another culture?

I really hope so. The purpose of this task was to get you closer to a reality that seemed so far from oursÖbut in fact it is only one click away!   






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